Camp Jackson


$15 from the Y to camp / $15 from camp to the Y.

Transportation is provided from the YMCA of Pueblo to Camp Jackson for an additional fee of $15. The bus leaves the YMCA on Sunday at 2:00 PM arriving at YMCA Camp Jackson at 3:00 PM and returning on Fridays leaving YMCA Camp Jackson at 7:00 PM and arriving at the YMCA of Pueblo at 7:45 PM.

Please be prompt in picking up your camper, the YMCA of Pueblo closes shortly after drop off time on Friday evenings. If you need to cancel transportation services, you must do so one month before your campers first session of camp. Failing to do so will result in the loss of transportation fees. Since we have a waiting list for this service, your adherence to the one month notification policy will allow another camper to take advantage of these options.

Please contact the registrar or director if you would like to sign up for Camp Jackson Transportation.  For online registration, select the session that you would like to register for below.  Instructions for online registration are below the table.  

To Camp from the Y      To the Y from Camp     
Sunday 06/11/2017 Friday 06/16/2017
Sunday 06/18/2017 Friday 06/23/2017
Sunday 06/25/2017 Friday 06/30/2017
Sunday 07/09/2017 Friday 07/14/2017
Sunday 07/16/2017 Friday 07/21/2017
Sunday 07/23/2017 Friday 07/28/2017
Sunday 07/30/2017 Friday 08/04/2017

Online Registration Instructions:

  1. Click the link to go to the Pueblo YMCA. 
  2. In the big box under the Title “Online Registration” click “Login”
  3. Now you can click to “Sign In”, “Find Account”, or “Sign Up”.
  4. Click “Sign In” if you already have an account with the YMCA of Pueblo or have registered for Camp Jackson online before.  Click “Find Account” if you are a Member to the YMCA of Pueblo but have never registered for a program online.  Click “Sign Up” if you are registering for the first time as a non-member.
  5. Once you have filled out the required information and logged in select “Browse By Location”.
  6. Select “YMCA Camp Jackson” under “Branches”.
  7. Click “Summer Camp”
  8. Click on the Program you are registering for
  9. Select the week you would like to register for and hit register.
  10. Select the member on your account you are registering for camp.
  11. Fill out the information for that child
  12. Click “next”
  13. Review the payment options and click “Check Out”